The subject for all our seminars in 2018 is:


The END Of LIVING in The VALE of Tears

The I Ching shows us a path we ordinarily do not think of


The subject of this seminar is the burnout of our life force, and the way by which this major crisis in our lives can be used to free ourselves from being dominated by the ego.

We recognize the burnout by the fact that we feel extremely exhausted. The I Ching makes us aware of the reason for this situation: it lies in the fact that the major positive self-image we had cultivated, has burned out. While the burnout of our life force threatens the substance of our true nature, the burnout of our major positive self-image needs to be seen as a Cosmic gift, since it has been an oppressive mask, which was erected and maintained at the expense of our life force. The I Ching shows us how we can use that Cosmic gift to free ourselves from the main causes of the total exhaustion of our life force.

Through attaining an understanding of the inner truth of the situation, we engage in a process of inner growth that can allow us to turn what looks like a hopeless situation into a path toward positive progress.

Hexagrams 47, Oppressing/Exhausting, and 48, The Well, show us the path that leads us out of the vale of tears:

Hexagram 47: Oppressing/Exhausting                                                         Hexagram 48: The Well

                    ___  ___                                                                                          ___  ___

                    _______                                                                                          _______               

                    _______                                                                                          ___  ___

                    ___  ___                                                                                          _______                                                           

                    _______                                                                                          _______

                    ___  ___                                                                                          ___  ___


When we compare the graphs of the two hexagrams, we notice that the situation in Hexagram 47 is the reverse of that in Hexagram 48. (We need to turn them completely on their head.) This demonstrates that Hexagram 48, “The Well,” shows the way out of the state of “Exhaustion.”

In this seminar, we will be showing you how you can free yourself (or help free someone you know) from the deepest causes of the exhaustion of your life force. At the same time you will be guided to free your heart; the heart is the “well” that contains the access to the “water of life” you so desperately need.


Seminar Fee:  $560 for three days.


September 1-3, in Stow, MA 01775

Limited to 13 participants


September 28-30, in Stow

Limited to 13 participants


The prerequisite for attending any of the above seminars is a basic familiarity with our book “I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way.”

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