Reaching Neutrality

I have found that when I go to seminars there is often one totally unexpected thing that I learn. In a recent seminar it was about finding neutrality. Another participant was telling me how it was hard for her to reach neutrality before doing a hexagram. I then had a moment of insight. This was an aspect I had not paid enough attention to, even though I had consulted the Oracle for a decade. I began to explore ways to reach neutrality. 

1.) The Hexagram 52. Meditating, was an outline for this. It began for me by deepening my understanding of what the purpose of an I Ching meditation is (“ remove those thoughts and images that trouble the mind....”) and how this differs from other types of meditation. As I reflected on this hexagram I started to see why neutrality is important in a meditation / Hexgram. I need to be still and clear to receive the images and the help.

2.) During exercises in seminars I’ve been led to work with visual images that take away the disturbing thought / image and carry it to the Cosmos. Some of these images were loading the disturbance on a wagon or letting the Cosmic vacuum cleaner grab it. Now my own personal images pop up as well and sometimes they are quite amusing. 

3.) I remembered Carol saying that even if I didn’t receive anything specific in a meditation, at least I have had the cleansing. This has been helpful for me in developing a regular meditation practice because it freed me from the expectations of ‘producing’. Also I find that insight often comes a while after a meditation. 

4.) I read something by Hanna in the website blog about approaching these processes with modesty and sincerity. That seems so obvious yet sometimes that’s missing. I may do a simple check of my inner state to see if this is where I am at in the moment.

I look now to see if I’m in neutrality before meditating, doing a hexagram or asking questions of the Sage. When I get a yes that I have reaching neutrality it gives me confidence that my communication is truly with the Sage.

By jk


So here's a fun story. This morning I put the I Ching and notebook on my lap and as usual asked if I'm neutral and as usual, I was not. It occurred to me, as I tried various meditations and positive images on for size, that I felt that it is "galling" that it takes me so long to get centered, in spite of all the "work" I do to find modesty and sincerity, suspend my doubts, wash away negativity, vacuum pre-conceived ideas, view the Sage as equal, and ask the Helper of Freeing to suspend the ego... and thank each helper.... Galling.

Then I remembered that I would sometimes get bored of getting - - or - - - (no’s) so I would start to read anywhere in the I Ching (I just open up the book “randomly” - ha!). I don’t remember what I was reading, but it occurred to me after a paragraph or so that I’d ask again and yes + + I was finally neutral. BTW, just now in retrospect, I remember being able to tune out the world while reading when I was very young.

So, without a crisis to ask about, I asked to get a hexagram to "show me the next best thing for me". Now here's the fun part. I got Hexagram 60, Self-Limitation, Judgment: "Galling limits must not be persevered in." At first I (the ego) thought, oh good, I don't want to have to persevere through someone else's galling behavior (my current predicament). I asked the Sage if this was about someone else and got “no.” Okay, I’ll admit it could be me, so I read on asking for help. How would I self-impose limitations to not feel galled?

Second thought, after asking for help and getting this to read: Galling feelings mean I need Modesty; self-imposed limitations keep me in tune with the Cosmic Harmony++. This made sense so I decided to self-impose a keener “eye” to my feelings and search for Cosmic Harmony, instead of the boring, long process of getting neutral. I did find one false thought form to deprogram à “It’s galling that I have to take so long to figure out how to get neutral + +, now deprogrammed (yay).

Third thought after reading in Hexagram 60 the paragraphs that were shown by using the “rtcm”: Wow, do I ever feel blessed to have a friend in the Sage to respond so succinctly with exactly the words and feelings I needed to understand the myriad ideas that I need to sort out (with help). Now in retrospect I want to say “Sorry, Sage”, (Yes, that is appropriate + +) because it feels like I was testing the Helpers unconsciously.

Hanna asked me to “add what kind of inner action I took in order to put an end to the galling experience.” If I have such a thing as “inner action” it would be that the word and subsequent feeling of galling is now a call to look for Modesty in my “outlook”.

By nunie

Deprogramming Experiences

I would like to share a few photos of some of my deprogramming pages. I usually draw a sketch of how the projections etc., are to be deprogrammed e.g. by cosmic: fire, 'hoover', shredder, and a method (one I think I came up with myself) of tying the idea in a sack with a stone -- optionally hitting it with a stick -- and throwing it in a lake. Hope ye enjoy them :-)

Regarding the smilies: I draw one for each time I have done the deprogramming.

Signed: Tom

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Prevention of Infections, or Early Interventions

My “acquired inner army” is very, very helpful when it comes to the prevention of infections, or early interventions.

At the slightest sign of an infection, I say my “No, No, No!” to all ego-elements, ego-aspects, and all sick-making parts that have invaded me. I then ask my Inner Army to detect everything that has invaded me, to put a firm grip on it, and extinguish it. Next, I ask my Helper of Self-Healing to heal the damage I have incurred.

It works wonders. Also with wounds or inflammations.

A German health practitioner

Healing My Heart by Sitting in My Original Image

Background for the reader’s understanding: Each of us is the expression in form of an original image stored in the Cosmic Consciousness. That image of the unique individual can be neither damaged nor extinguished. It is also stored in our psyche as a holographic image that is meant to nourish our body cells, when they need healing. The first organ that needs healing is our heart as the receiving organ for Cosmic chi-energy. We ask for its healing in a meditation in which we ask the Helper of Our Original Image to allow us to sit in our heart.

We thank our reader Passifloria for her willingness to share her experiences during her heart meditations.

“In the Heart Meditation my immediate initial impressions were that light and warmth were needed. Only part of my heart was working. Love was missing. The Helper of My Heart immediately went to work and knew just what was needed: he hung heat lamps which helped with light and warmth. He also repaired, sprayed and tore out bricked and hardened areas that couldn’t be seen before.

The ceiling of my heart was tattered in some areas; those areas required cleaning and sewing. Warmth began to flow with the life source moving through my heart. Then the Helper of My Heart told me to prepare for a ride. It was like a water ride in an amusement park that allowed me to float throughout the heart effortlessly. The most damaged areas had become lighter and were healing. The movement of the life force made me feel happy and free.

A few days later, in a second heart meditation, I appeared as a very small child and recognized myself in my Original Image. From the vantage point of being so small, the heart seemed very big and cavernous. It had undergone a lot of repair and its condition was greatly improved. However, more light was needed and there was some kind of sediment or sludge on the floor. Love needed to be strengthened. Also, even though the heart was moist, no fluid was flowing through it.

The Helper of the Heart opened a valve that released fluids and I found myself in a capsule much like a tiny submarine. This capsule glided over the walls in spiral motions going from floor to ceiling, helping to restore the walls. The Helper of the Heart also installed what appeared to be solar panels to allow light and warmth into the heart. After these panels were installed a big change occurred: the fluid became a golden plasma. The Helper of the Heart also brought the Helper of the Life Force – Chi — to help restore my life force. This golden plasma began to surge throughout my heart, eventually going to other parts of my body, to further restore vital body parts and organs.”

By Passifloria