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Single Hexagram Die

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Screenshot 2017-01-11 12.46.08.png

Single Hexagram Die


Single I Ching Hexagram Die

Black plastic made in the U.S.

How many dice do you need?

You can use a single Hexagram die to toss each line of a hexagram. Starting with the bottom line, write the result on a piece of paper. You can also order six black Hexagram dice, which you toss, one die at a time, placing one above the other until you have built all six lines of the hexagram on the table. In this use you do not need to write down your results since you are presented with a complete hexagram.

You can use this die in combination with the RTCM Die (made of white plastic) for all your I Ching consultations.

A word about the probability

The distribution of the lines on the six sides of the dice does not correspond precisely to the probability law pertaining to the use of the three coins, or that of the ancient yarrow stalk method. However, the Sage that speaks through the I Ching reassured us that it can use these dice to give us the hexagram needed. 

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