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Love, an Inner Connection

Love Book Cover copy.jpg
Love Book Cover copy.jpg

Love, an Inner Connection


Love, An Inner Connection. Based on Principles drawn from the I Ching

By Carol K. Anthony


ISBN 1-890764-01-9
176 pages,  5-1/2 x 8-1/2

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Table of Contents

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About this book

Given that in most of the world’s societies marriage, not love, has the high place in relationships, the perspective of this book is both unique and freeing. That is because it confirms what we know deep inside ourselves. 

In the perspective of the I Ching, love is the principle energy of the Cosmos (what the Chinese call chi, or life force). It is given to two people as a Cosmic gift to help them recognize and free their true selves that have become “strangers within.” By observing the Cosmic Principles of Relating, , we enable the love that nourishes and fulfills us, to endure.

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Some reviews from readers on amazon.com:

A fantastic and insightful book about relationships

By Bridget on July 27, 2008

This book is amazing. It has really helped me to become clear about what true justice and reciprocity look like in relationships -- and what ingredients must be in place for relationships to really thrive and grow.

Wonderfully well written and helpful book on love

By a customer on September 7, 1998

This book is a spiritually based and illuminating work on how we connect with the other in a love relationship, based on the author's work with the I Ching. Unique in its approach, it is an in-depth and spiritually based work.

A Gem. I would never be without a copy

By Jim Parfitt on March 21, 2011

I actually haven't picked this book up for a while, but I've given SO many copies of it away in the past. It is simply my all-time favorite book on human love relationships. I think the thing that makes it so unique is that it speaks to the reality of the 'inner connection' between lovers, as opposed to the external and conventional ego connection, and this distinction explains a great, great many things/problems that drive people crazy in relationships. There are two distinct realities going on at the same time, and most of us don't realize this, nor do counselors, therapists or friends. Everyone acts as if the ego, apparent self is the part that is having the relationship, but that's more the part that is trying to get control of (and so distorting) what the Hearts are feeling. Real relationships are happening on the inner spiritual-heart level, and the ego self will never really get it, but can certainly wreck things. This book explains this whole phenomenon in a way that even I could understand it. It's a miracle that without this understanding any intimate relationships work out at all. If I could find my copy I could give a more intelligent review, but this book is sort of like the movie "The Wizard of OZ" to me (that always seemed to have come from another dimension)... Where did this information come from? Anyhow, the book is a little gem; get it.

When ready for the next step

By Pamela Bennett on March 12, 2013

Lead by the I Ching guidance to a deeper understanding of sudden, inexplicative human connection and the challenges of truly loving.......really unlike Hollywood.... are explored in this volume. The focus on the wrenching experience of meeting and connecting on human levels never before experienced, is unmatched for simplicity and clarity in navigating the phenomena