Who Does the Counseling?

We, Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog, were for many years both offering counseling. However, as of July 1, 2014, Carol felt that it was time for her to retire from this work in order to dedicate herself to other matters. She also felt that Hanna’s background perfectly suited her to doing the counseling. This counseling is done under the guidance of the Sage that speaks through the I Ching (see the description below).


Hanna Moog: The Basis for My Counseling

All my counseling is based on our books, I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, (2002 and 2007), Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way, (2004), and The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching, (2009).


Those who have read and worked with any of these three books will understand why I cannot base my counseling on Carol's earliest book, A Guide to the I Ching. The reason is that through an experience of spontaneous healing I had in 1998, Carol and I were to learn that the traditional I Ching, which guided the user to accept all adversities as a way of getting past them, was an incorrect interpretation of the Principles of Harmony on which this ancient oracle was based. Faced with the illness, we experienced a big breakthrough in our understanding of the Cosmic Way: I was guided to identify the mistaken ideas that had caused the illness, and then “deprogram” them with Cosmic help, and by saying an “inner No” to them, which was a way of rejecting their validity. As a result, the symptoms were healed within a week. This experience of spontaneous healing revolutionized our understanding that the Cosmos works through transformations, rather than through “changes.” 

    If you wish to apply for a consultation, you need first to become somewhat familiar with the basic principles on which the three books mentioned above are based. 


I offer counseling on the following topics: health — relationships — workplace and other issues of real concern


How does I Ching counseling differ from other forms of counseling?

   I consult the Sage that speaks through the I Ching on your behalf. I then send you a transcript of the result of that session. It contains a description of the cause(s) of your issue of concern, and possible hindrances to your being able to get in touch with your own inner truth. I allow the Sages in you and in me to guide the process during my consultation. In this way, I become connected with your inner truth. It is important to understand that your inner truth does not judge you; rather it reveals untruths or traumatic memories that need to be deprogrammed. My transcript also includes the things that need to be deprogrammed, and instructions how this is to be carried out. 

In the counseling process, the Sage brings onto the stage of our conscious mind only that which is causing the difficulty we are having. Moreover, it brings these matters to light in the exact sequence they need to be dealt with.

My role is to ask the Sage, on your behalf, to address your issue of concern from the Cosmic perspective, which simultaneously, is the same as your inner truth about it.

   The I Ching has shown us that almost all difficulties are caused by ideas and beliefs that are in conflict both with our true nature, and with the Cosmic Principles of Harmony that are revealed in each hexagram of the I Ching. These Principles ensure the duration of the Cosmos. When I consult the I Ching on your behalf, the Sage points to the hexagrams that relate to your issue of concern. Those hexagrams point out the Cosmic Principles of Harmony that have been violated by a common mistaken idea or belief, or an unprocessed traumatic memory. The hexagrams also show you how that violation can be corrected so that you can return to a path of harmony in your life.

    The goal of I Ching Counseling is not for me to tell you what you need to DO in terms of outer action, but what you need to do on the inner plane. From the Cosmic perspective there is no such thing as a culprit, or inextinguishable guilt. Those are false concepts invented by the human mind to control people. The Cosmos always helps us correct our mistaken thoughts when we have the sincere desire to bring our consciousness into harmony with its Principles.


Common causes of difficulties are:

  1. The use of power, be it in thought, spoken words, or action
  2. Misunderstandings of our naturally positive symbiotic relationship with the Cosmos
  3. Misunderstandings about human relations
  4. Mistaken ideas about human nature
  5. The taking on of guilt

The Next Steps

    If you are considering applying for an I Ching consultation, please send me an email in which you (1) confirm that you are somewhat familiar with at least one of the three books mentioned above, and (2) send me a brief description of your issue of concern.

Before I undertake to do counseling for any prospective client, I ask the Sage whether the request is within the current scope of my work and my abilities. If the answer is positive, I then ask the Sage about the approximate time needed to inquire into your issue of concern. In this manner I can inform you about the approximate amount of money that will be involved before you commit yourself.

The first consultation will be limited to 1-1/2 hours. I will continue only if you wish to go further. The minimum charge for the first consultation is for one hour. My rate is $130 per hour, payable through PayPal. This fee is not refundable.

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