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The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching

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The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching


The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching

by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog

Psychology, I Ching, Self-Help


ISBN 1-890-764-06-X

384 pages, paperback, 5-1/2x8-1/2

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Table of Contents

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About this book

This book reveals the ancient I Ching oracle to be a modern and relevant psychology that shows our true nature to be the loving and harmonious expression of the Cosmic Order. Psychic malfunctions, the book clarifies, are created by accepting a diminished, miserly, or “irreparably wounded” view of ourselves.

The book helps the individual who wants to free himself from emotional suffering and behavioral problems, to find the specific ideas revealed by the I Ching that have blocked the healthy expression of his true nature. The reader can learn how to research these causes, and free his mind, psyche, and body of them with Cosmic help.

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Some reviews from readers on amazon.com:

A tremendous book

By Lee Williamson, March 2, 2011

This tremendous book contains the most fundamental description of human psychology I have ever read. And even better, it describes the psyche in its relationship to both our inner life and the outer world. Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog have laid out the whole terrain of the self, the ego, and the psyche like a road map. Every page is packed with useful information, which doesn't require familiarity with the I Ching. Anyone who wants a clear understanding of how the ego accomplishes its deception and how it manifests in our awareness will like this book. Other authors have written volumes on this weighty subject, but I've never seen one with the depth and brevity of this book. Every clinical psychologist and counselor would benefit by reading this book. In fact, read it twice. But the beauty of this book is that it is not a textbook - it is written in a friendly voice that can be easily understood by anyone interested in self-understanding, regardless of his or her background.


Comprehensive and significant

By S. Sanfilippo on March 8, 2011

Unlike the DSMIV, The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching does not label people - it gets to the roots of all psychological distress. It takes the introspective reader on a provocative tour of how the ego creates fear, separation and compromised authenticity. It also provides ways to confront and dislodge the subconscious obstacles that stand in the way of our natural joy and wholeness. If you want to realize a more meaningful and expanded life, this book offers a refuge of discovery. I have read this transformative blessing of a book from cover to cover again and again, and each time I learn more. Highly recommended.


Complete Awesomeness

By R.H. Sivante On October 22, 2013

REALLY cool & powerfully insightful...
Expands awareness massively - diving DEEP into the complexity of the psyche's working in a very well-articulated, simplified manner, exposing its connection with the wisdom offered through the I Ching...
Cannot recommend highly enough to anyone with an interest in mental-emotional-spiritual healing, the I Ching, psychology, the dynamic of the ego, and far better understanding themselves, others, and the world...


Five Stars

By Theresa on December 21, 2014

Extremely useful tool for your own inner world!!