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The Other Way

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Other Way Cover copy.jpg

The Other Way


The Other Way. Meditation Experiences Based on the I Ching

By Carol K. Anthony


ISBN 0-9603832-5-5
264 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2

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Table of Contents

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About this book:

The I Ching Meditation Method described in this book, unlike any other meditation methods taught in the East and West, has the purpose of helping the practitioner understand the messages the I Ching wants to give him. 

The meditations described in this book brought Carol Anthony the unique insights that enabled her to write her first book, A Guide to the I Ching. They brought her into contact with her inner life while at the same time helped her resolve the problems in her outer life. In time, the meditations became a direct contact with the Sage that speaks through the I Ching.

The book contains over 200 meditations that are grouped under themes that were active in the author’s life between 1971 and 1990. For example, one group of meditations helped her learn how to meditate (with the help of Hexagram 52, Keeping Still), while another group made her aware of attitudinal defects that were referred to in several hexagrams. Another group showed the ego to be a false self composed of self-images; as self-images, they were unable to become real, nevertheless, they never stopped trying to become real. Another group of meditations showed her the need to free her true self from the inner prison in which it was being held by the ego. A full understanding was completed when in a meditation, she saw herself in a jail cell but noticed that the key was in the cell door and she only needed to unlock it to leave. Other meditations dealt with self-healing, with being forewarned of difficulties about to happen, and with how to respond to them; still other meditations helped her respond to problems in her business.

The book gives the reader help in learning the Method of I Ching Meditation. 

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Review on amazon.com:

Inspiring and Illuminating

By Ruby on April 9, 2015

One of the more helpful books written about meditation, as it is intimate sharing by the author of her own personal journey this way. I esp. enjoy reading about the development of her following her body wisdom, Sage in this. I also like her approach, reason for meditating. To know self, become aware of what is going on inside us with the helpful guidance, lantern of the Sage. This has inspired me to develop my own relationship with Sage and allow it to lead me in my own meditation practice. My experiences are different than hers. She shares more the art of meditating, does give basic tips, and a few technics but by far the best guidance in it is to let a source of Wisdom guide you. Relax, turn awareness inside and prepare to be led by Wise Helper, all that is really needed.