Achieving Success that Endures

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Achieving Success that Endures


by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Stow, Massachusetts, September, 2009
11 pages, pdf format

Table of Contents

The collective ego’s definition of success 1

True success 1

What makes success endure? 2

When success remains aloof 3

Exercise I: Recall a success in your life that did not endure 5

Exercise II: Finding out why the success did not endure 5

Exercise III: Finding out what made you susceptible to the robbery of your success 6

Meditation: Sitting in Your Original Image 6

Our Natural Self-Correcting Function 6

Exercise IV: Uncovering the cause for crystallized self-blame 8

How to deprogram crystallized self-blame 8

Exercise V: Develop a hexagram to uncover an additional blockage to

achieving success that endures 8



Description of chips 8

Memory Chips 8

Microchips 9

Ego Chips 9

Identifying a Chip 10

Deprogramming any kind of chip 10

Crystallized Shame 11

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