Dissolving the Bonds of Family Fates

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Dissolving the Bonds of Family Fates


by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Stow, Massachusetts, 2012
15 pages, pdf format

Table of Contents

Bonds that Create Family Fates 1

A Shortcut to Attaining Harmonious Family Relationships 2

Family Fates 2

The Cosmic Principle of Fate 2

The Purpose and End of a Family Fate 3

Expressing our Uniqueness 4

Family Roles 4

   What we Need to Free Ourselves From, to Realize

   Our Life’s Purpose 5

   Our Cosmic Family on Which We Can Depend for All Our Needs 5

Our Unified Self in Harmony with the Cosmic Family 6

The Cosmos Diagram 6

Family Fate as a Family Drama 7

   Main Role and Side Roles 8 Exercise 1 9

Mistaken Ideas about the Nature of Fate 10

Mistaken Beliefs that Prolong Fates 11

   Changelings that Keep us from Ending a Fate Prematurely 11

The Commandment to Share the Family Fate 11

Prerequisites to Deprogramming the Roles and Scripts 12

Deprogramming the False Concept of Guilt 12

Deprogramming the Two Mistaken Beliefs 12

Deprogramming a Role and a Script 12

Deprogramming on Behalf of Other Family Members 13

Freeing Your Family from a Collective Fate 13

Something that Looks Like a Family Fate but is not 13


Meditation to Cleanse Your Mind, Psyche, and Body 14

Additional Lessons 15

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