Establishing Boundaries Without Fear

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Establishing Boundaries Without Fear


by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Stow, Massachusetts, 2010
22 pages, pdf format

Table of Contents

Establishing Boundaries Without Fear 1

Occupying Our Personal Space 2

The Protection and Defense of Our Boundaries 2

Our inner senses of perception 3

Divide and Conquer: How the Ego Takes Over the Personality 3

The Introduction of the Word Evil 4

Limitation and Self-Limitation 5

Fate as the Cosmic Principle of Harmony that  sets limits to the ego 5

The Role of Our True Self in Self-Limitation 5

The Role of Our Thinking Mind in Our Defense and Protection 6

The Inner No and the Inner Yes 6

“Not eating at home” 7

“Being firmly correct brings good fortune” 7

“No relationship with what is harmful” 7

Why an Inner No rather than an Outer No? 8

What makes the Inner No so effective? 8

Saying an Inner No is not the same as saying  “You should not…” 9

What to say the Inner No to 9

Can we misuse the Inner No? 10

What makes our Inner No ineffective? 10

Our commonsense depends on the functioning of our true feelings 11

Restoring Our Natural Boundaries 12

Restoring our ability to say the Inner No 12

Stop chips 13

Identifying a “stop chip” 13

The first step in restoring our commonsense 13

The role of sincerity in our protection 14

Removing the blockages to our true feelings 14

Memory chips that block our true feelings 15

Identifying a memory chip 15

Deprogramming the stop chip, memory chip, and microchip 15

Deprogramming the spells that have imprisoned our commonsense: 16

Deprogramming the spells that are blocking our true feelings: 16

The six ego-complexes that make up the ego’s “capital” 16

The Self-Doubt Complex 16

The Guilt Complex 17

The God Complex 17

The Self-Punishment Complex 18

The Punishment Complex 18

The False-Dependency Complex 18

What Happens to Our Life Force 19

Summary 20

Deprogramming the Ego-Complexes 20

To deprogram the Self-Doubt Complex 20

To deprogram the Guilt Complex 20

To deprogram the God Complex 20

To deprogram the Self-Punishment Complex 20

To deprogram the Punishment Complex 21

To deprogram the False-Dependency Complex 21

Exercises: 22

Exercise I: Develop a personal hexagram 22

Exercise II: A Heart Meditation 22

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