Freeing Yourself From Misfortune

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Freeing Yourself From Misfortune


by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Stow, Massachusetts, 2011
16 pages, pdf format

Table of Contents

Freeing Yourself from Misfortune 1

Misfortune is Not Our Natural State 1

What is Good Fortune 1

What is Misfortune and Wht is Fate 2

How Do we Lose Our Innate Good Fortune 3

How Do We Free Ourselves From Fates We Have Created 4

Exercise 5

The Main Mistaken Ideas that Lead to a Fate 6

The Purpose of Fate 7

Ending a Fate We Have Created 8

Mistaken Beliefs About Fate 9

    Exercise 9
    Mistaken Beliefs about the Nature of Fate 9
    Mistaken Beliefs that Prolong Fate 9

Description of the Self-Doubt Complex 11

Summary 12

Deprogramming Instructions 13

    Instructions for deprogramming the cause of the fate you have identified 13

To Deprogram the Actual Fate 14

   Deprogramming the false concept of guilt 15
   Deprogramming the spell of “original guilt/sin” 15
   Deprogramming the guilt connected with the cause of your fate 15
   Deprogramming the Self-Blamer 15
   Deprogramming the Imp, Demon, and Dragon of self-blame 15
   Deprogramming the mistaken belief in redemption 15

A Meditation to Cleanse Your Mind, Psyche, and Body and Examine Your Heart 16

Things to remember when you return home 16

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