Freeing Yourself from the Myth of Aging

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Freeing Yourself from the Myth of Aging


By Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Seattle, Washington, 2014. Revised and Enlarged Edition 2014
32 pages, pdf format

Authors’ Notes to this revised and enlarged edition

Since we gave the seminar on “Freeing Yourself from the Myth of Aging,” in Seattle, in May of 2014, the Sage has enlarged our understanding. In particular, we were made to understand the function of our genes after our reproductive period has been completed, to meet the needs of maturation, and later, aging. Consequently, we have added a section on the functions of our genes in general, and the additional function they develop when we enter a certain age. For example, this additional function, called adaptation function, adapts our reproductive organs to take on the new task of providing our body with additional life force. Besides helping our body adapt, our genes also adapt our mind and psyche to the new requirements that go with this new time in our lives. We have also added to this handout a much needed understanding of the harmful effect of our false use of language on the ability of our genes to function healthily. Accordingly, we have included lists of the specific mistaken ideas, beliefs, and images that need to be deprogrammed in order to heal our genes.

Another change the Sage led us to make concerns familiarizing ourselves with the fact that every Cosmic Principle of Harmony is a Helper. We have been guided to revise the deprogramming instructions accordingly.

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Table of Contents

Foreword to the revised and enlarged edition 1

Introduction 1

What is the I Ching 2

The Cosmos Diagram 3

Life as Process 4

The Role of the Invisible Helpers 5

The Poisonous Connotations that Accompany the Word “Aging” 5

What do we mean by “unprocessed” in the context of the word

“aging?” 6

Exercise 1A: At this point we ask you to pause and write down any

negative images and feelings connected with aging that have come to

your mind. 7

Exercise 1B: In addition to this spontaneous list, make a hexagram with

the request to be shown mistaken ideas about aging that are stored in

your unconscious. 7

Exercise 1C: Freeing yourself from the things found in Exercises A and B. 7

Finding and Freeing the Wellspring of Your Inner Truth 7

“The Water of Life” 8

Its four functions:

— The renewal of our life force 8

— Its nourishing function 9

— Its healing function 9

— Its creative function 9

The main mistaken ideas through which the ego dominates our heart 9

Our progress comes to a halt 10

Exercise 2: A heart meditation 11

Summary of the main causes for our inability to receive the vital

Cosmic energy through our hearts 11

Exercise 3: To free yourself from any mistaken ideas or beliefs that may

be blocking your heart from receiving heart-chi from the Cosmos. 11

How Unprocessed Traumas Affect the Aging Process 12

What defines a microchip? 13

What defines a memory chip? 13

What defines a birth chip? 14

Identifying a chip 14

Exercise 4: Freeing yourself from the chip you found 14

The Causes for Adversity 15

Exercise 5A: Identify a chip you hold that contains a fear that is

presently negatively affecting your body and/or psyche. 16

Exercise 5B: Deprogramming that fear 16

The Natural Adaptations That Make It Possible to Age Healthily 17

The functions of our genes in general 17

An additional function of our genes in natural aging 17

The adaptation process of the body in natural aging

Women and men going through “the changes” 18

The mistaken ideas and beliefs about the word “aging” that injure

certain genes 19

Exercise 6: Deprogramming ideas and beliefs related to guilt 19

The adaptation process of the mind and psyche in natural aging 19

The natural desire for more quiet 20

The place of the psyche in aging healthily 20

Exercise 7: Freeing yourself from mistaken ideas and beliefs about Fate 21

Exercise 8: Freeing yourself from the things that have disabled the

“Helper That Repairs Damaged Genes”22

Exercise 9: A Cleansing Meditation 23

The loss of memory as distinguished from forgetting 23

The phenomenon of forgetting 23

Forgetting as help for the mind 23

When forgetting is employed by the ego 23

Forgetting as a symptom of dementia or Alzheimers 24

Can people be freed from Alzheimer’s/dementia through deprogramming? 25

Can we deprogram these things for other people? 25

Self-images and Roles that Accompany the Myth of Aging 25

Exercise 10: Check whether you need to free yourself from a self-image

And role 26

Deprogramming your findings 26

The doldrums of regrets and self-blame 27

Exercise 11: a cleansing meditation to free your heart from regrets 27

Exercise 12: a cleansing meditation to free your heart from self-blame 28

The Fear of Death 28

Exercises 13A and B: Ask the “Finding Helper in Your Psyche” to bring

to mind either a false image of death, or a mistaken idea or belief about

death 29

Next, ask this Helper to bring to mind a fear you have of death.

Deprogramming your findings 29

Traditional Ideas About Aging That Need To Be Deprogrammed 29

The Calendar of Life 29

Exercises 14A and 14B, combined with deprogramming 31

Exercise 15: Make a hexagram, asking to be shown things that may

inhibit your success in deprogramming. 32

Deprogramming your findings 32

No, No, No to watching for results after having finished the deprogramming 32