The Eight Trigrams of Feng Shui Seen in a New Light

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The Eight Trigrams of Feng Shui Seen in a New Light


by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar at the New England School of Feng Shui , 2007
18 pages, pdf format

Table of Contents

The Relationship Between a Person and his Home 1

Eight Areas of Consciousness 2

Spells and poison arrows that cause disturbances in particular areas of a house 

Can be demonic elements or microchips 3

How can we recognize the disharmonious thoughts that cause  disturbances? 4

The role of Cosmic help in correcting the disturbances 5

The Eight Trigrams as Reflections of the Eight Areas of Consciousness of a House and the Person who Lives in It 6

  •     Trigram CH’IEN. Chi-energy. The area of helpful friends 6 Trigram K’UN. Earth. The area of inter-human relationships 7
  •     Trigram K’AN. Flowing Water. The area of a person’s uniqueness 8
  •     Trigram CHÊN. Thunder/The Arousing Force. The area of parents, ancestors, and cultural traditions and taboos 9
  •      Trigram SUN. Wind. The area of material and immaterial wealth  and possessions 10
  •      Trigram TUI. The Lake. The area of creativity 11
  •      Trigram KÊN. Mountain. The area of feelings 11
  •      Trigram LI. Fire/Light. The area of clarity 13
  •      Tai Chi. The Integrated Energy of All Areas of Consciousness 15

Applying the Eight Trigrams to Uncover the Cause of a Disturbance 15

A Step-by-Step Approach 15

How much can the Feng Shui practitioner investigate the causes without involving his client? 16

     Can the demonic influence be a legacy of a former house or landowner? 16

     Ghosts 17

     What distinguishes Spells from Poison Arrows 17

 Poison Arrows 17

 Microchips 18

 A Demonic Element Encountered in Feng Shui 18

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