Your Creativity. How to Free, Nurture, and Maintain It

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Your Creativity. How to Free, Nurture, and Maintain It


by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Stow, Massachusetts, 2011
20 pages, pdf format

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

A Word About the Ego 1

How Do We Lose Our Natural Creativity?

The scripts of the “drama of life” 3

   — Exercise 1: Is there something you have longed to do for a long time,

    but for some inexplicable reason always felt stopped? 4

   — Exercise 2: Make a hexagram by asking to be shown the inner truth of that

   “inexplicable reason” that kept you from expressing your creative longing 4

Examples of ego-roles 4

The Cosmic Gifts That Are Unique to Us Humans 4

The Creative Task Given Us Humans Is the Creation of Culture 5

The Creation of a True Culture 6

   — Exercise 3: Identifying false definitions of “creativity” 7

The Creative Process 7

The Robbing of Our Creativity Through the Development

of “The Creator/God Complex” 8

   — Exercise 4: Identifying self-images of greatness 10

Fears and/or Images That Cause Obstructions to

Our Creative Work 11

   — Execise 5: Identifying such fears and/or images 12

The Completion of Our Creative Work 12

Things that obstruct the completion of our creative work 12

Things that lead to the destruction of our creative work after completion 13

   — Exercise 6: Identifying the cause for the regression or failure of a

recently achieved Success 13



Things to deprogram from exercises  (1)- (5) 14

Meditations 19

A Meditation to Cleanse Your Mind and Examine Your Heart 19

A Meditation to Cleanse Your Mind, Psyche and Body, and

Examine Your Heart 19

Things to remember when you return home 20

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