Article 19. Traps of the Ego’s Language

A recent occurrence made us painfully aware of the trap created by the thought that we had reached the “final freedom” of a longstanding health issue. We had deprogrammed certain ego-elements the Sage had indicated as having been the cause for a blockage to healing. You could imagine our sigh of relief!

The relief did not last long, however, because the same symptoms returned the next night. Consulting the Sage about what happened, we learned that we had stepped into a trap of our commonly used language by allowing the thought, “Now I will finally be free!” That thought (which contained a hint of self-congratulation) was associated with a “demon of final certainty,” and accompanied by a changeling called “the sigh of eternal freedom.” It had deceived us about the fact that the thought, “Now I will be finally free,” also proclaims an absolute state of freedom — an idea that contradicts the Cosmic Principles of Harmony that are based on the Principle of Relativity. By introducing that “final certainty,” the ego put us into a new prison, in which the Helpers could no longer protect us in regard to the problem at hand. The problem with declaring anything as absolute is that it automatically creates its opposite, i.e., “the success will always remain aloof.” This is one of the biggest traps that keep us imprisoned in the ego’s logic.

The Cosmic Principles of Harmony are outside the ego’s logic.

They are something we spontaneously understand because our true feelings are based on them. That explains why, when we consult the Sage that speaks through the I Ching, its replies create a resonance in us with “what we have always felt to be true.” (The function of the I Ching as a book is to put the Cosmic truths into words our mind can understand.)

Does the Principle of Relativity mean that we must learn to live with uncertainty?

That is what the ego would tell us, and immediately the word “risk” comes to mind, with frightening images. Once again, the ego tries to draw us into the trap of thinking in terms of opposites: “If there is no certainty, then it means that we must live with uncertainty.” When writing our book, I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, and the two subsequent books, the Sage showed us, over and over that the Cosmic reality that functions according to the Principles of Harmony, is outside the reality that has been created by the ego’s logic. The Principle of Relativity ensures the duration of the harmonious order of the Cosmos. That order is not something rigid, but constantly evolving within the limits set by the Cosmic Principles of Harmony

What is the lesson to be learned?

First we need to understand the trap set by thinking in absolute terms. That happens whenever we use the words “always,” or “never,” or their equivalents, such as “final,” “finite,” or, “for all times.”

Next, we need to realize that using those words was a mistake. We then need to deprogram the thought or image that is connected with those words (such as, “now I am finally free of that problem!), and then ask the Sage to free us from their disharmonious effects. Doing so restores our Cosmic protection in regard to the issue at hand.