Article 11. The Carpet of Our Cosmic Destiny. By Hanna Moog

   Fulfilling our Cosmic Destiny can be viewed in the metaphor of weaving a beautiful, unique carpet. The under-threads of the carpet (the “warp”) are provided by the Cosmic possessions we come with: our inner truth, our inner and outer senses of perception, our metaphorical senses, our Cosmic virtues, and our physical makeup. Our inner senses of perception consist of our inner senses of smell, taste, hearing, seeing and feeling. Among our metaphorical senses are our sense of loyalty to our inner truth, our sense of what is fitting, and our sense of dignity. (See Hexagram 14, Possession in Great Measure, and our book, The Psyche Revealed Through The I Ching for a more complete description of our Cosmic Possessions, our Cosmic Destiny, and the metaphor of the carpet.)

   The I Ching refers to the under-threads of the carpet as our “yellow lower garment” that “brings supreme good fortune.” (Hexagram 2, Nature, Line 5.) The carpet gets woven by our living our lives in harmony with the Cosmos. The more we make use of our talents and the opportunities that are brought to us by the Helpers, the more we add to the beauty of its design.

The Helper of the Earth

   Under healthy circumstances, we are greeted at birth by the Helper of the Earth. The Earth is not only the ground on which we are meant to fulfill our Cosmic Destiny, it also helps us make progress on this path. The Helper of the Earth also holds the warp for the carpet of our Cosmic Destiny. This carpet is not meant to fly, as some metaphors would say, it is meant to remain firmly grounded on the earth. How can this be explained?

   At birth, the Helper of the Earth uses our psyche to assemble our Cosmic possessions (mentioned above), which then form the carpet’s warp. Each of these possessions that make up the warp of the carpet is necessary to fulfill our Cosmic Destiny. This warp, which we then carry in our psyche, is visible on the physical plane in the lines of our hands and in certain features of our face. These lines, unique to each person, are the expression of our uniqueness as an individual human being. (Our healthy connection with the Helper of the Earth can be blocked by one or more birth chips that contain the memory of a trauma. For more information on this subject see p. 246 of The Psyche Revealed…)

Our Carpet Gets Filled in as We Free Ourselves from the Ego

   The ego, in all its manifestations, is the only thing that prevents us from expressing our uniqueness. When we look at the way the ego tends to have occupied every aspect of our being, we may think it is hopeless to free our true selves from its dominance. However, this is only what the ego wants us to believe, to prevent us from even starting with this undertaking. It may attempt to convince us that it is more powerful than we are, and that to be able to start fulfilling our Cosmic Destiny we first must become totally free of the ego. (“You have to be perfect…”)  The truth is otherwise: with every step we make in freeing ourselves from the ego, an aspect of our Cosmic Destiny gets freed, and another piece is added to the weaving of our carpet.

   The good news is that as we process negative experiences from our past, holes in our carpet become filled in. Each time we deprogram a spell, a knot in our carpet gets undone; each time we deprogram a poison arrow, a distortion in its pattern becomes removed. While every negative thing that has ever happened to us has resulted in damage to the carpet of our Cosmic Destiny, we learn how the damage can be undone.

   It is therefore very important to deprogram any ideas or beliefs that say, “My life has been nothing but a big mistake,” “You can’t undo what happened,” “There are things I have done that are unforgivable,” “I have wasted fifty years of my life,” or, “Now, it is too late to correct things.”