Article 12. Is there a beginning and an end? On the Cosmic Principle of Relativity. By Hanna Moog

   This lesson started with a glimpse I received in a dream. The only thing I remembered when I woke up was of seeing a somewhat nebulous, ribbon-like band in front of me, attached to nothing. I knew somehow that the band could expand in width at any time. The dream was accompanied by the sense of having been shown something important, such as a Cosmic Principle.

   As usual, when this happens, I followed up the glimpse I was given with a meditation. In it, I was made aware that I was being introduced to a New Cosmic Helper – new in the sense that we, Carol and I, had not been aware of its existence before now. In meditation, I quickly understood that the image of the nebulous, ribbon-like band that could expand in width at any time, represented something that connects the Cosmic Principles of Harmony with the Laws of Physics. The Sage strongly confirmed that I was on the right track, while making me aware that I also needed to better understand the quality of this connection by looking at some examples.

Example 1

   The first example was brought to my attention in a follow-up meditation: I was shown images from a meditation that Carol had about twenty-five years ago, and which she frequently shared to demonstrate an aspect of healing ourselves. In her meditation, Carol saw her body cells as a group of children that were injured by a horse bite. They seemed to be in all stages of injury: some were in a coma while others were barely injured. Realizing they were in a state of shock and fear, she began to comfort them as her true feelings guided her to do. After this meditation experience, Carol reported that she never felt any pain during the several weeks it took for her body cells to heal.

   Carol’s healing experience made me aware of the importance of our true feelings, while the Sage, in meditation, made me aware that a Helper previously unknown to us always accompanies the Helpers of Our True Feelings. I found the name of this new Helper to be the Helper of Relativity. Its function is to draw the next Helpers that are needed during each phase of a process. Thus in Carol’s case, it brought the Helpers that were needed to move her from the injury to healing. The first Helper it brought was the Helper of Caring. It then drew the Helper of Comforting, then the Helpers of Healing, and then the Helper of Completion. This last Helper completed the healing through transformations.

Example 2

   Another example is that of a person who invested a considerable amount of his savings in the purchase of a condominium. His idea was to rent it so as to preserve the capital and have an additional stream of income every month. However, every potential renter who looked at the condo after it had been extensively renovated, found a reason why it did not suit his purpose. With every week that passed, the owner wished more that he had not invested in this project. Finally, he consulted the I Ching to find out the cause of his misfortune. He learned that he had created a fate through doubting that his regular business, which really suited him, would provide enough in the future. His idea to rent, because it was based on that doubt, was not in accord with a particular Cosmic Principle of Harmony: the Principle that the Cosmos takes care of all our needs when we follow what truly suits us. He also found that his doubt was actually creating a slowdown in his business. This is also to say that we may indeed do such a thing if it brings us joy through allowing us to express our unique talents and gifts. In the end, he realized his mistake: that he did not need to take on the job of a landlord, which he realized did not suit him at all. This realization gave him a huge relief. The I Ching advised him to resell the condo at the earliest convenience. Although the condo has not been sold as of this writing, the person has regained his peace of mind and is filled with gratitude and joy about having been relieved from such a burden.

   Looking back over this person’s experience in the light of the Cosmic Principles of Harmony, the first thing the I Ching makes us aware of is that any action based on doubt or fear that our needs will be met, will sooner or later lead to a misfortune. We may ask, where is the place of the Helper of Relativity in this? Another name for this Helper is the “Helper of Attraction Between Complementary Aspects of the Cosmos.” The role of this Helper is to attract the help that is needed to fulfill every true need. Depending on the circumstances it can come in the form of a material or immaterial help. When we validate and rely on the Helpers of Our True Nature, this Helper draws to us the Cosmic Helpers that are their complements.

Why is it called the “Helper of Relativity?”

   This has to do with the fact that it connects the invisible side of the Cosmos with its visible side known as Nature, in the exact way that benefits each. While the invisible side is characterized by Principles of Harmony, its visible side (Nature) is subject to the Laws of Nature. The two “realms” as we may call them, differ in that the invisible side of the Cosmos is infinite in its duration, while Nature is subject to the parameters of time and space. However, the I Ching makes us aware that the two realms interpenetrate. All things in Nature are linked to the infinite through their DNA, which the I Ching calls our “inner truth.” Our inner truth contains the knowledge of the Cosmic Principles of Harmony, which transcend the limitations set by time and space.

 What does all this have to do with the title of this article, “Is there a beginning and an end?” 

   When we only take into account the Laws of Nature that are subject to time and space, we depend only on what we see with our outer sense of seeing, which defines things by their appearances. We know that the appearance of Nature in the fall going into winter is not a “death” in the absolute sense of that word, but a period in which transformations take place. An absolute end does not exist. Even when a tree dies, its existence in that form ends, but all of its components are transformed back into the living Nature.

   When we forget that we possess this inner knowledge that is embedded in every cell of our bodies, we take the limitations of time and space to be absolute. Then our lives in a body become an experience of what the I Ching calls “a bitter limitation” ended by death. Then we make death into the opposite of life, a thing to be feared and hated.

   The fact that the Helper of Relativity makes sure that all living forms in Nature (the world that is subject to time and space) are connected with that which is not limited by time and space (the infinite Cosmic Consciousness), gives time and space their relative quality. When we follow ideas that define things in absolute terms, we invariably create obstructions in our lives. These obstructions are meant to make us aware that we have excluded the Principle of Relativity from our way of thinking.

   As mentioned above, the Helper of Relativity accompanies the Helpers of Our True Feelings. When, for example, the Helper of Sadness makes us feel truly sad about the fact that we are not making progress in our lives, the Helper of Relativity (if not interfered with by the ego’s reasoning in the form of self-blame or putting blame on others) draws the Helper of Comforting, and next the Sage as the Helper that makes us aware of the Cosmic Helpers. Then, when we have sufficiently understood that the cause for our lack of progress was that we had not included the Cosmic Helpers in our approach, the Helper of Relativity draws the Helper of Joy. We feel joy about the realization that we have been moved out of the place of sadness into a place where we can see that making mistakes is always relative to learning (more) about the Cosmic Helpers.

   Every misfortune, when approached from our true feelings, thus becomes a positive learning experience that enables us to see and experience the Cosmos as a harmonious, self-correcting system.

Recently, when doing another meditation on the Helper of Relativity, I heard the words “surprise, surprise!” Yes, it is this Helper that brings us positive, and only positive surprises. The image of “something springing out of nothing” came to mind, which the Sage confirmed as being to the point.

This Helper gives relativity to the Laws of Physics in that it keeps them connected to the infinite – that which is beyond their limitations – the Cosmic Principles of Harmony.