A Successful Dream Investigation

Robert found in a dream investigation that there was a poison arrow on him of 'bad sleeper' as a child.  As a baby he wasn't sleeping well but it was caused by a chip that was previously installed.  The baby's sleeplessness and difficult sleeping behavior was a clue that he had something bothering him (in this case a chip.). But his parents didn't know about chips at the time and the ego used the opportunity to upgrade the problem with the label or poison arrow of 'Bad Sleeper'  causing the problem of blame and identifying him with that trait.  

He deprogrammed the chip and the poison arrow.  Robert wrote:  

Can you believe that after deprogramming the chip and the poison arrow of "the bad sleeper" I slept through the night, uninterrupted, for the first time in weeks, despite the fact that my partner came to bed a few hours after me (and that almost always wakes me up).  Amazing.

(Kim Young of Northern AZ is offering on-line dream classes (see NEWS). She wrote to us about this successful investigation of a dream by one of her students.)