Every Day Just Gets Better

I was having a hard time lately, hating my job, burn out with single parenting, house broken into and all kinds of negative stuff. So I did a reading and got "fallen into an Abyss." I was shocked how right on it was! I Ching never ceases to amaze me. Read it over and over; then took voluntary lay off; at the same time walking into a equine dental practice! I did the meditation to release fears, etc. listened to the inner No, stayed in the present and every day just gets better. 

Rather brave, as I have a mortgage, need health insurance, have two daughters still in HS, some debt. But was suffering so, that it was affecting my health and mood. I trusted and allowed the helpers of transformation to take over and guide me. The Sage said, it will come, just be PATIENT! and it did.

-Karen E. Amherst, MA