At 92, time for my mother to give up driving

My mother is 92 and the Helpers and Sage guided both my mother and me every step of the way for the last week of some significant events.  Basically she had an auto accident. NO ONE HURT. Only cosmetic damage (though moderately severe!).  No one upset with her.  Everyone was supportive. That was a “second warning” that it is time for her to give up driving and sell her car.  She had told me about the “first warning” a few weeks before, when she almost fell asleep at the wheel.  She has learned so much over the last few years about the Cosmic Way from my merely sharing with her about my own journey.  That’s how she identified the first driving incident as a “warning.”  So, here is what I’m trying to say:  Because I have shared with my mother MY OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY with the Sage and Helpers over the last few years, MY MOTHER TOTALLY “GOT” that this car accident and all the changes she needs to make in her life now ARE ALL HELP FROM THE COSMOS!  So, instead of experiencing this situation as one of “loss” (as she always thought she would feel – we are originally from Los Angeles where driving is almost like breathing), she experienced it as HELP AND LOVE FROM THE COSMOS!  She is so grateful to the Cosmos for making this “accident” severe enough to make her listen, but to injure no one and cause minimal damage.  She is not upset at giving up driving, she is grateful for the Cosmos limiting her damages WHILE ABSOLUTELY GETTING HER ATTENTION.  It is so interesting to me how much my mother has learned about the I Ching, The Sage, The Helpers, The Cosmic Way, etc.  And she learned it all by just listening to me explain my own journey. 


I remember, in the beginning (2003) of my throwing hexagrams and such, I would ask for and receive from the Sage a hexagram about a situation my mother was going through.  I wanted to share with her what I was learning, because it was so profoundly helpful and comforting.  But it turned out to be a disaster to share these hexagrams that seemed to me to explain so well her situation.  She (the ego obviously) got very defensive and told me not to do this ever again, etc, etc.  OK, the ego in me was getting a lesson from the ego in her.  So, I stopped trying to “teach her” anything about all this.  But I DID keep sharing what I was learning for myself.  So, she began to use what I told her about me for herself. 


Now, we are already getting her car ready for sale, she’s learned the bus and transportation system at this wonderful place where she lives, and she still has some friends who drive and will help her get around.  All week, both my mother and I have been saying, “This worked out so smoothly that it feels like it was orchestrated by the Sage and Helpers.”  And we have been so grateful in a situation that could have gotten interpreted very differently by those in the parallel universe.

By Fred from Fresno