The Friendly Mouse

I was going on a little field trip with a good friend for her birthday. We talked about the Inner Mouse Helper on the drive and I read over that email you, Hanna, had sent about this newly discovered Inner Helper. I asked for a little help and also in my heart tried to introduce myself to the Mouse Helper if there was one that I had any relation to. 

On the way home we stopped for a little walk at Picacho Peak after sunset. We came to some picnic tables and were sitting down in early evening dusk. It was dark by then but really nice out and there was a lot of moonlight. Suddenly my friend felt something at her ankle, which startled her but she couldn't see anything there. A little while later I felt something, too, and I could see that it was a little mouse that was chewing on my shoe and then crawling into the cuff on my pants. It was so uncommon to ever have a mouse come up to me that way. The mouse stayed around for the rest of our stay. It seemed so friendly or assertive or something. 

Needless to say it gave us a completely different appreciation for this Helper and we were both really surprised and extremely happy to have been there for that, as you can imagine. 
So thanks so much for your sharing that new gift. It's already gone a long way in helping me.

By Kim From Tucson