The Inner No Really Works!

Dear authors,


The inner no really works. Once you acquire the habit of saying it systematically a stock of inner no's grows in your unconsciousness and one day, one very special day it starts to come out spontaneously and sets up the limits very clearly when you are dealing with obnoxious people.

My mechanic can be very polite when his garage is empty and he needs money!  On other occasions he can be very disrespectful. This was the case two weeks ago, when I immediately said the inner no to such disrespect.

This morning as I drove home I saw him rushing under a sun-drenched street and offered him a ride.

To my great surprise, when he asked me how I was, I replied: I am very angry at you. Do not mistreat me or I will punch you!!

He immediately exclaimed: You mean it! You mean it! And he apologized.

I am a very peace-loving guy, student of your books, but sometimes only politeness is not enough.

Thank you for the inner no.

By Gabriel of Sao Paolo, Brazil