The Cosmic Principle of Attraction

There seems to exist a lot of confusion about this Cosmic principle, as when it is falsely assumed that humans can bring this attraction about through the “power of intention.” The Sage wants us to share here what we have learned about the Cosmic Principle of Attraction as it applies to getting a job, or getting the money we need for our living, to name but two examples. 

The Cosmic Principle of Attraction is one of a number of Cosmic Principles of Harmony that maintain the harmonious order of the Cosmos and are responsible for its duration. Consulting the I Ching as an oracle is a way of bringing our goals, aspirations, and approach to life into harmony with these principles. 

The Principle of Attraction describes the way by which overall increase is achieved in the Cosmos. 

First, we need to separate job and money. A job is meant to give us an opportunity to apply and develop our talents. Because doing so corresponds with our inner truth, it brings us joy. At the same time, our job serves someone else’s need (a person, company, or organization). Thus, an overall increase occurs. 

An additional benefit occurs if our time, skill, and effort brings us money. Money represents the life force we devote to the job. Being paid is not something we need to feel guilty about, on the one hand, or to see it as the sole reason for having a job. Such views devalue our time and skill and thereby deprive ourselves of the joy and fulfillment the job can give us. 

As our book I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way makes clear, myriad invisible Helpers make Cosmic attraction happen. These Helpers are engaged by a modesty that occurs when we take away all pretenses of being better or less than what we truly are, which is the meaning of taking our place in the Cosmos. Our talents are part of what we are. A job is an opportunity to apply not only what we “good at,” but to also allow other talents to develop. In this process, both we and the job are increased. 

Assuming we are less than what we are is to deny our capabilities and prevent them from developing. To assume we are more than what we are is to deny the capabilities of others, and prevent them from developing. Both these attitudes deny what the helping forces of the Cosmos bring to our lives. Such assumptions come from the human-centered view — a view that has its roots in an artificially created hierarchy, where people are sorted out in terms of who is higher/superior and who is lower/inferior than others. 

Hexagram 11 “Harmony, Peace, Prosperity,” cites this view as the cause of lack in the world, and of the ensuing belief that we have to force our way to get what we need. This view blocks the Cosmic attraction that provides all that we need. (The reader who wants to free himself from this view is referred to Hexagram 11 in our book.) 

Not only does the Cosmos recognize our need for money, it is the true source of our money, as it also is for our protection and well-being. We attract these things when our attitude is in accord with the Cosmic Principles of Harmony. When we view our job as the sole source of our money, the Helping energies of the Cosmos retreat. Running into the difficulties that ensure indicates that we need to examine our ideas about how increase is brought about. Mistaken ideas that block the Cosmic attraction are found in these hexagrams: H11 (see above), H19, “Approaching Jointly,” H42, “Increasing,” and H55, “Abundance.” 

The Cosmic Principle of Attraction supercedes all human-made laws. It is embedded in the Cosmic Principles of Harmony that rule all life. It insures that everything that is part of the Cosmos receives what it needs to express its Cosmic destiny, i.e., to fulfill its uniqueness. When we free our thinking from the ideas that violate Cosmic harmony, helping forces are freed to bring us the job that truly suits us, and the money we need.

by Hanna Moog and Carol Anthony