Help for a Child with Autism

My nephew J was diagnosed with autism. His mother and father, Moira and Kirk, have been working with your book “I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way.” They shared with me that J talks to an invisible person or something, and together we asked the Sage whether it was a helper. The answer was yes. J has a chromosome disorder—he has XYY, an extra Y, which, according to the Sage, caused him to lose the link to his commonsense. The helper J talks to is his link to his commonsense. 
In this context, I wanted to share something my sister shared with me. J’s occupational therapist was careful not to call it self-talk, but rather when Joshua is communicating to what appears to be himself or an invisible imaginary person, she said it felt like "help" and that his communicating with this “help” was to be encouraged. She also made a point of bringing to the team meeting her observation of the benefit of his talking to his help when she works with him. 
It was so wonderful for us to see that the inner truth of this matter is becoming more apparent and validated. 

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