Cure of Migraine Using the IChing

I went through six weeks of bad migraine headaches for no apparent reason.  One day I felt to do a reading, and the Sage firmly advised me the cause was something within myself. It turned out that I had a very deep harsh judgment of myself for not being a "perfect person."  After deprogramming this, the migraines immediately stopped. 

What seemed important about the deprogramming process was the intervention of the Sage's help. It felt like the deprogramming was done by a spiritual force and that I had almost nothing to do with it other than to go through the steps.

I want to add that although I was free of pain, I did some more follow up deprogramming of things related to the self-judgment.

I am certainly very happy about the whole experience.

Addendum: A.C. used our book I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, for his reading.