Our Personal Creative Contribution to the Cosmos

 I was sent a beautiful insight by the Helper of Creativity (++) while participating in the April 2013 I  Ching seminar in Madrid. We were exploring possible causes for blockages in accessing our inner truth by allowing feelings and thoughts to arise spontaneously. As they came to mind, I used the “rtcm” questioning method to confirm if they were relevant to the issue.*

[*For people new to the “rtcm” method, one tosses three coins to confirm with “yes” answers, or to deny with “no” answers, whether the hypothesis put forward is correct or not. “++” and “+++” is a short cut to record the Sage’s answers. “++” means a basic Yes to our question.]

I found these beliefs to be false: That I do not have inner beauty++. That I am not worthy of love, and am not loveable.++ That my inner truth is not of value +++. That being right and learning are of high value.+++ (This belief was false for me because I valued being right and learning since they flattered my self-image.)

I was thankful how easily and clearly these beliefs were revealed to me as false.

I then asked for a hexagram to give me insight to this whole area and received Hexagram 31, Influence. I was guided to skip the main text and read Line 1, paragraphs 1 and 5; Line 4, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4; and Line 6, paragraphs 4 and 5.  I consulted the Sage on each paragraph and did a short meditation half way through. This led me to understand the following:

That the prospect of being ‘wrong’ affects me? +++. I need to examine the word ‘wrong’+, then meditate?+ Is it related to “stupid”?+ to being judged?+; to my not valuing my inner truth and my uniqueness +++, my not trusting the Helpers? +++ my not valuing most of my endeavours in life, and instead am only concerned about appearances?++ I do not respect my own value and right to realize my True Self, in collaboration with the Helpers? +++ and my creative role in the Cosmos?++

I am also not respecting other peoples Inner truth and their Helpers?+++ I am not recognizing that the Cosmos will give us what we need to realize our True Self?+

At the end of the consultation I gradually felt a sense of relief emerging as if a dark curtain had been pulled away from my eyes; there was a sense of joy but also sadness. I felt slightly tearful and just wanted to cry; I was like a small child, pushing away soil on the ground to find a golden treasure; it made me feel all was going to be OK and that life was not just stress and wandering. Then I realized that I had found my inner truth.+++ It had been blocked by the dark veil of ego (created by my mistaken conclusions as a result of disharmonious experiences in my childhood).

It was a very poigant moment that conveyed to me the clear feeling that each of us has a personal place and purpose in the Cosmos. Indeed, that we are each born with the gift and right to express and realize our personal experiences and feelings during our lives. We will drift into error, since error is essential for us to experience and discover our deeper feelings — our inner truth.  These disharmonious attempts somehow lead us to know who we really are, deep inside. In this way or erring, we discover that only our harmonious loving attempts at finding and feeling love flow through us, are supported by the Helping Energies of the Cosmos.

Then the image came to me that we humans are on the edge of time in the world of form. This edge of time is like the rim of a bowl or circular wave that is ever-expanding through infinity; we reside on this creative edge of the Cosmos and our experiences and learnings are even part of the Cosmos’ evolving itself; our attempts at self-realization are on this edge of learning and creativity, contributing to Cosmic duration and the further expression of Cosmic love. What greater gift and beauty could the Cosmos give us than to be part of this creative process?

I felt thankful and loved when the above was revealed to me – blessed by the Helper of Creativity and the Sage.

By Patrick Murphy of Dorset England