Healing My Heart by Sitting in My Original Image

Background for the reader’s understanding: Each of us is the expression in form of an original image stored in the Cosmic Consciousness. That image of the unique individual can be neither damaged nor extinguished. It is also stored in our psyche as a holographic image that is meant to nourish our body cells, when they need healing. The first organ that needs healing is our heart as the receiving organ for Cosmic chi-energy. We ask for its healing in a meditation in which we ask the Helper of Our Original Image to allow us to sit in our heart.

We thank our reader Passifloria for her willingness to share her experiences during her heart meditations.

“In the Heart Meditation my immediate initial impressions were that light and warmth were needed. Only part of my heart was working. Love was missing. The Helper of My Heart immediately went to work and knew just what was needed: he hung heat lamps which helped with light and warmth. He also repaired, sprayed and tore out bricked and hardened areas that couldn’t be seen before.

The ceiling of my heart was tattered in some areas; those areas required cleaning and sewing. Warmth began to flow with the life source moving through my heart. Then the Helper of My Heart told me to prepare for a ride. It was like a water ride in an amusement park that allowed me to float throughout the heart effortlessly. The most damaged areas had become lighter and were healing. The movement of the life force made me feel happy and free.

A few days later, in a second heart meditation, I appeared as a very small child and recognized myself in my Original Image. From the vantage point of being so small, the heart seemed very big and cavernous. It had undergone a lot of repair and its condition was greatly improved. However, more light was needed and there was some kind of sediment or sludge on the floor. Love needed to be strengthened. Also, even though the heart was moist, no fluid was flowing through it.

The Helper of the Heart opened a valve that released fluids and I found myself in a capsule much like a tiny submarine. This capsule glided over the walls in spiral motions going from floor to ceiling, helping to restore the walls. The Helper of the Heart also installed what appeared to be solar panels to allow light and warmth into the heart. After these panels were installed a big change occurred: the fluid became a golden plasma. The Helper of the Heart also brought the Helper of the Life Force – Chi — to help restore my life force. This golden plasma began to surge throughout my heart, eventually going to other parts of my body, to further restore vital body parts and organs.”

By Passifloria