Nax- Lost and Found

Last night Nax, my male cat, was not home, and it was 1 AM (typically he's in by early evening — we've got very hungry coyotes and mountain lions nearby). I was worried. This was unprecedented, and I wasn’t feeling peaceful enough to go to sleep. So I consulted the I Ching… what the heck! Find lost cats? Apparently, a cinch. It’s advice to me was clear (I paraphrase), “You’ve forgotten to ask the Helpers. In fact, in this case, ask a whole army of Helpers. And yes, Helpers can find lost things, too.” 
So I did. I called them all forth, the Helpers that look for lost kitties, Nax’s personal Helper, a protection Helper if he’s out all night, a healing Helper if he has been hurt, and so forth. Furthermore, I worded the question to ask how I could find enough peace to relax and go to sleep. Then, exhausted, I was ready to hop into bed. I’d been trying to find Nax since 9 PM, checking about every 20 minutes, walking up and down the whole property twice, rattling the food - the whole bit … with no luck. So before I turned in, I peeked out the window one last time. There he was, not looking like a happy camper, either. It had taken the Helpers less than 5 minutes to accomplish successfully what I was trying to do for the last 4 hours, with no success whatsoever. And apparently, the answer to the question how I could find the peace to go to sleep was to have Nax come home!
Ending: Nax had been sprayed by a skunk, and that's a whole other story! I think one of the lessons learned here is that when I send my kitties out to play, I would be wise to ask their Helpers to go along with them and protect them, and that's just what I'll do from now on...

by Laurel Emorys from Dripping Springs, TX

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