So here's a fun story. This morning I put the I Ching and notebook on my lap and as usual asked if I'm neutral and as usual, I was not. It occurred to me, as I tried various meditations and positive images on for size, that I felt that it is "galling" that it takes me so long to get centered, in spite of all the "work" I do to find modesty and sincerity, suspend my doubts, wash away negativity, vacuum pre-conceived ideas, view the Sage as equal, and ask the Helper of Freeing to suspend the ego... and thank each helper.... Galling.

Then I remembered that I would sometimes get bored of getting - - or - - - (no’s) so I would start to read anywhere in the I Ching (I just open up the book “randomly” - ha!). I don’t remember what I was reading, but it occurred to me after a paragraph or so that I’d ask again and yes + + I was finally neutral. BTW, just now in retrospect, I remember being able to tune out the world while reading when I was very young.

So, without a crisis to ask about, I asked to get a hexagram to "show me the next best thing for me". Now here's the fun part. I got Hexagram 60, Self-Limitation, Judgment: "Galling limits must not be persevered in." At first I (the ego) thought, oh good, I don't want to have to persevere through someone else's galling behavior (my current predicament). I asked the Sage if this was about someone else and got “no.” Okay, I’ll admit it could be me, so I read on asking for help. How would I self-impose limitations to not feel galled?

Second thought, after asking for help and getting this to read: Galling feelings mean I need Modesty; self-imposed limitations keep me in tune with the Cosmic Harmony++. This made sense so I decided to self-impose a keener “eye” to my feelings and search for Cosmic Harmony, instead of the boring, long process of getting neutral. I did find one false thought form to deprogram à “It’s galling that I have to take so long to figure out how to get neutral + +, now deprogrammed (yay).

Third thought after reading in Hexagram 60 the paragraphs that were shown by using the “rtcm”: Wow, do I ever feel blessed to have a friend in the Sage to respond so succinctly with exactly the words and feelings I needed to understand the myriad ideas that I need to sort out (with help). Now in retrospect I want to say “Sorry, Sage”, (Yes, that is appropriate + +) because it feels like I was testing the Helpers unconsciously.

Hanna asked me to “add what kind of inner action I took in order to put an end to the galling experience.” If I have such a thing as “inner action” it would be that the word and subsequent feeling of galling is now a call to look for Modesty in my “outlook”.

By nunie