A Timely Warning

About a week ago, Carol called me to see a garter snake lying in the sun directly in front of the doorstep to our garage. I had only once seen a snake in Stow, Massachusetts, and that snake was a dead one. All this is to say that to see a live snake in such an exposed place made us ask the Sage whether she had a message for us. Using the “Retrospective Three-Coin Method” (rtcm) we found out that she did indeed. The message was for me. It had something to do with the garage, more specifically with our car. It was a warning.

I found out that I had created a fate, which would manifest in the form of a car accident if I did not heed the warning. I did a short meditation in which I asked the Sage to bring to my mind the thoughts that had caused this fate, and was made aware of the following things I had put on myself: the spell, “I have been driving without creating an accident since my youth” (braggadocio); the poison arrow: “And now I am even more safe, because I always ask for help with driving”; (a presumptuous thought), and the self-image of the safe and protected driver.

I thanked the snake for bringing me the timely warning, and then deprogrammed these three things with Cosmic help over a period of three days.

At first glance, such thoughts seem harmless, but realizing the ego-emotions that are connected with them, it becomes clear that they do not come from an innocent mind.

By Hanna Moog