The Inner No Really Works!

Dear authors,


The inner no really works. Once you acquire the habit of saying it systematically a stock of inner no's grows in your unconsciousness and one day, one very special day it starts to come out spontaneously and sets up the limits very clearly when you are dealing with obnoxious people.

My mechanic can be very polite when his garage is empty and he needs money!  On other occasions he can be very disrespectful. This was the case two weeks ago, when I immediately said the inner no to such disrespect.

This morning as I drove home I saw him rushing under a sun-drenched street and offered him a ride.

To my great surprise, when he asked me how I was, I replied: I am very angry at you. Do not mistreat me or I will punch you!!

He immediately exclaimed: You mean it! You mean it! And he apologized.

I am a very peace-loving guy, student of your books, but sometimes only politeness is not enough.

Thank you for the inner no.

By Gabriel of Sao Paolo, Brazil

Our Personal Creative Contribution to the Cosmos

 I was sent a beautiful insight by the Helper of Creativity (++) while participating in the April 2013 I  Ching seminar in Madrid. We were exploring possible causes for blockages in accessing our inner truth by allowing feelings and thoughts to arise spontaneously. As they came to mind, I used the “rtcm” questioning method to confirm if they were relevant to the issue.*

[*For people new to the “rtcm” method, one tosses three coins to confirm with “yes” answers, or to deny with “no” answers, whether the hypothesis put forward is correct or not. “++” and “+++” is a short cut to record the Sage’s answers. “++” means a basic Yes to our question.]

I found these beliefs to be false: That I do not have inner beauty++. That I am not worthy of love, and am not loveable.++ That my inner truth is not of value +++. That being right and learning are of high value.+++ (This belief was false for me because I valued being right and learning since they flattered my self-image.)

I was thankful how easily and clearly these beliefs were revealed to me as false.

I then asked for a hexagram to give me insight to this whole area and received Hexagram 31, Influence. I was guided to skip the main text and read Line 1, paragraphs 1 and 5; Line 4, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4; and Line 6, paragraphs 4 and 5.  I consulted the Sage on each paragraph and did a short meditation half way through. This led me to understand the following:

That the prospect of being ‘wrong’ affects me? +++. I need to examine the word ‘wrong’+, then meditate?+ Is it related to “stupid”?+ to being judged?+; to my not valuing my inner truth and my uniqueness +++, my not trusting the Helpers? +++ my not valuing most of my endeavours in life, and instead am only concerned about appearances?++ I do not respect my own value and right to realize my True Self, in collaboration with the Helpers? +++ and my creative role in the Cosmos?++

I am also not respecting other peoples Inner truth and their Helpers?+++ I am not recognizing that the Cosmos will give us what we need to realize our True Self?+

At the end of the consultation I gradually felt a sense of relief emerging as if a dark curtain had been pulled away from my eyes; there was a sense of joy but also sadness. I felt slightly tearful and just wanted to cry; I was like a small child, pushing away soil on the ground to find a golden treasure; it made me feel all was going to be OK and that life was not just stress and wandering. Then I realized that I had found my inner truth.+++ It had been blocked by the dark veil of ego (created by my mistaken conclusions as a result of disharmonious experiences in my childhood).

It was a very poigant moment that conveyed to me the clear feeling that each of us has a personal place and purpose in the Cosmos. Indeed, that we are each born with the gift and right to express and realize our personal experiences and feelings during our lives. We will drift into error, since error is essential for us to experience and discover our deeper feelings — our inner truth.  These disharmonious attempts somehow lead us to know who we really are, deep inside. In this way or erring, we discover that only our harmonious loving attempts at finding and feeling love flow through us, are supported by the Helping Energies of the Cosmos.

Then the image came to me that we humans are on the edge of time in the world of form. This edge of time is like the rim of a bowl or circular wave that is ever-expanding through infinity; we reside on this creative edge of the Cosmos and our experiences and learnings are even part of the Cosmos’ evolving itself; our attempts at self-realization are on this edge of learning and creativity, contributing to Cosmic duration and the further expression of Cosmic love. What greater gift and beauty could the Cosmos give us than to be part of this creative process?

I felt thankful and loved when the above was revealed to me – blessed by the Helper of Creativity and the Sage.

By Patrick Murphy of Dorset England

At 92, time for my mother to give up driving

My mother is 92 and the Helpers and Sage guided both my mother and me every step of the way for the last week of some significant events.  Basically she had an auto accident. NO ONE HURT. Only cosmetic damage (though moderately severe!).  No one upset with her.  Everyone was supportive. That was a “second warning” that it is time for her to give up driving and sell her car.  She had told me about the “first warning” a few weeks before, when she almost fell asleep at the wheel.  She has learned so much over the last few years about the Cosmic Way from my merely sharing with her about my own journey.  That’s how she identified the first driving incident as a “warning.”  So, here is what I’m trying to say:  Because I have shared with my mother MY OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY with the Sage and Helpers over the last few years, MY MOTHER TOTALLY “GOT” that this car accident and all the changes she needs to make in her life now ARE ALL HELP FROM THE COSMOS!  So, instead of experiencing this situation as one of “loss” (as she always thought she would feel – we are originally from Los Angeles where driving is almost like breathing), she experienced it as HELP AND LOVE FROM THE COSMOS!  She is so grateful to the Cosmos for making this “accident” severe enough to make her listen, but to injure no one and cause minimal damage.  She is not upset at giving up driving, she is grateful for the Cosmos limiting her damages WHILE ABSOLUTELY GETTING HER ATTENTION.  It is so interesting to me how much my mother has learned about the I Ching, The Sage, The Helpers, The Cosmic Way, etc.  And she learned it all by just listening to me explain my own journey. 


I remember, in the beginning (2003) of my throwing hexagrams and such, I would ask for and receive from the Sage a hexagram about a situation my mother was going through.  I wanted to share with her what I was learning, because it was so profoundly helpful and comforting.  But it turned out to be a disaster to share these hexagrams that seemed to me to explain so well her situation.  She (the ego obviously) got very defensive and told me not to do this ever again, etc, etc.  OK, the ego in me was getting a lesson from the ego in her.  So, I stopped trying to “teach her” anything about all this.  But I DID keep sharing what I was learning for myself.  So, she began to use what I told her about me for herself. 


Now, we are already getting her car ready for sale, she’s learned the bus and transportation system at this wonderful place where she lives, and she still has some friends who drive and will help her get around.  All week, both my mother and I have been saying, “This worked out so smoothly that it feels like it was orchestrated by the Sage and Helpers.”  And we have been so grateful in a situation that could have gotten interpreted very differently by those in the parallel universe.

By Fred from Fresno

A Timely Warning

About a week ago, Carol called me to see a garter snake lying in the sun directly in front of the doorstep to our garage. I had only once seen a snake in Stow, Massachusetts, and that snake was a dead one. All this is to say that to see a live snake in such an exposed place made us ask the Sage whether she had a message for us. Using the “Retrospective Three-Coin Method” (rtcm) we found out that she did indeed. The message was for me. It had something to do with the garage, more specifically with our car. It was a warning.

I found out that I had created a fate, which would manifest in the form of a car accident if I did not heed the warning. I did a short meditation in which I asked the Sage to bring to my mind the thoughts that had caused this fate, and was made aware of the following things I had put on myself: the spell, “I have been driving without creating an accident since my youth” (braggadocio); the poison arrow: “And now I am even more safe, because I always ask for help with driving”; (a presumptuous thought), and the self-image of the safe and protected driver.

I thanked the snake for bringing me the timely warning, and then deprogrammed these three things with Cosmic help over a period of three days.

At first glance, such thoughts seem harmless, but realizing the ego-emotions that are connected with them, it becomes clear that they do not come from an innocent mind.

By Hanna Moog

A Successful Dream Investigation

Robert found in a dream investigation that there was a poison arrow on him of 'bad sleeper' as a child.  As a baby he wasn't sleeping well but it was caused by a chip that was previously installed.  The baby's sleeplessness and difficult sleeping behavior was a clue that he had something bothering him (in this case a chip.). But his parents didn't know about chips at the time and the ego used the opportunity to upgrade the problem with the label or poison arrow of 'Bad Sleeper'  causing the problem of blame and identifying him with that trait.  

He deprogrammed the chip and the poison arrow.  Robert wrote:  

Can you believe that after deprogramming the chip and the poison arrow of "the bad sleeper" I slept through the night, uninterrupted, for the first time in weeks, despite the fact that my partner came to bed a few hours after me (and that almost always wakes me up).  Amazing.

(Kim Young of Northern AZ is offering on-line dream classes (see NEWS). She wrote to us about this successful investigation of a dream by one of her students.)