The Inner Animal Helpers

Three months ago, I became aware of the link between the fact that we humans have an animal nature and certain dreams and meditations, in which animals have been presenting themselves as Helpers. Investigating into it with the I Ching, Carol and I found that our human animal consciousness is linked to the consciousnesses of all the other animal species through the fact that we have co-evolved with all of them over the millennia. This is why many (but not all) of us possess the ability to communicate with animals. It is also why, as we found from our investigation, that some of us, more than others, have an inability to communicate with these aspects of ourselves. We also found that the reason that some people lack these abilities is that their inner animal consciousnesses have been demonized. We demonize our inner animal consciousnesses, for example, when we place ourselves above the rest of the animal kingdom as special, or when we have accepted that some animals are “bad,” or we have degraded them in some way. 
We then found that after freeing our various animal consciousnesses from the spells and poison arrows we had put on them, they showed themselves as our close friends, and as loving and caring and ready to help us according to their unique abilities. Thereafter, we began to call them our “Inner Animal Helpers.” 
The first Inner Animal Helper that made itself known to me was the Inner Mouse Helper! The Sage made me aware that this wonderful creature knows how to find the seed phrases the ego has stored in the “basement” of my psyche. I additionally found that this inner animal consciousness is a function in the psyche that acts as a mediator between my conscious mind and the other Inner Animal Helpers that are imprisoned by the seed phrases that need to be found. 
I discovered that calling on this Helper by name when I needed to identify a particular seed phrase, made a tremendous difference: the seed phrase immediately was brought to mind. After asking the Helper of Mind Cleansing to empty my mind and make it receptive to the message needed, I simply asked, “Please, Inner Mouse Helper, bring the seed phrase to mind that is causing the problem at hand.” I also experienced that after calling the Inner Mouse Helper by its animal name, I felt this Helper’s joy of being recognized. It also added a lot of joy to my inner work! 
Over the next months many other Inner Animal Helpers showed themselves, increasing the joy in my inner work. Among them were the Inner Horse (Stallion) Helper and the Inner Mare Helper (as the team that forms my will), and the Inner Dolphin Helper (the Helper that connects my thinking with my feelings). 
After sharing these experiences with others in a seminar, Carol and I found that they resonated immediately with some people but not with others. Asking the Sage about those who could not readily relate to them, we were informed that it is correct for these people to continue calling the Helpers by the functions they serve. We were also informed that Inner Animal Helpers can have different helping functions with different people. 
In the meantime, people have sent us articles on actual animals that have inexplicably come to the aid of people. In particular was a cat in a nursing home that would go to the bedside of people who were (unknown to the nurses) about to die. It would stay at their bedside, purring and comforting them until they died. Some people began to see it as the “death cat” as if the cat was “bringing death” to that person, whereas the caretakers in the nursing home could clearly see that the cat was being of help.

By Hanna Moog