The Stray Cat

In February, a family member called me on her cell phone at 11:30 at night. She is age 20, and was visiting with her family, who had gone to Key West, Florida, for a week's vacation. She had gone for a walk by herself and called me quite distressed, to say that she had got lost and couldn't find the street where the house was. She didn't know the number of the house, either, and the only telephone there was her mother's cell phone, which was shut off, since she had gone to sleep. She, Hanna and I all asked for Cosmic help. About 3/4 of an hour later, she called to say that right after our phone call, a stray cat showed up that she had patted that day near the house. She asked the cat to lead her back to the house, and it immediately began to go off, with her following. It went in a direction she was not going to take, but which led her through a narrow place into another street. Immediately she recognized the street and where the house was. She invited the cat to stay for the night and was patting it when she called back to say she had got back safely. You can imagine how we all felt.