Missing Glossary Item: Work

The following item was missing from the Glossary of the Hard Cover Edition of I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way Here it is: 

Work: Because the word “work” is mostly used to describe the way things are done from the perspective of the human-centered view, we need to be on guard when we use it unreflectingly to describe the Cosmic Reality. The connotations that accompany the word are that work is hard, that it is a curse put on man, that it is the opposite of enjoying life, that hard work will be rewarded, and that we “should” work hard. In monumentalizing work as something a person needs to do, and as what defines his life, the existence of Cosmic help is completely eclipsed. Furthermore, the idea that good work is hard makes it difficult for people to understand that Cosmic help, when engaged, achieves goals effortlessly, without incurring resistance, through transformation that occurs in the realm of the atom. When we include the Helpers in whatever we do, all things are accomplished easily. The ego also likes to suggest that freeing our true self is “hard work.” That is one of its tricks to discourage us from undertaking the task of freeing ourselves from its control.

by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog