Spell Blocking a Synapse in the Brain

Many insights about demonic elements in the psyche, and also about Helpers, came through meditation experiences. However, the following came through a dream I had in late 1998: 

In the dream, I found myself ready to move out of an apartment building I had been living in for a long time. The desire to clean up before leaving made me remember that I also had a place on the ground floor that I had not been to in a very long time. I wanted to take the elevator down to the ground floor, but found myself in a completely dark corridor, thus unable to see the elevator. However, I was able to discern the faint glimmer of a button for turning on the light, and pressed it. But the light did not come on. Instead, I heard the phrase, "God gives you nourishment." Perplexed, I pushed the button again, and the same thing happened: No light, but the phrase was repeated. I tried it a third time with the same result. At that point, I noticed a presence on my right side that felt like a Helper. I saw how it reached for the light button, took off its cap, reached inside and took out a mini-tape-recorder. Then, it put the cap back on and pressed the button. THE LIGHT WENT ON. I was able to take the elevator downstairs, find the long-forgotten place, and discovered that it contained fresh food that had been waiting there for me since my childhood. I also noticed other objects from those early days, but realized they were of no more use. I left them behind, while retrieving the fresh food to take with me to my new place. 

Looking at this dream the next morning, I realized the following: I was ready to move "to a new place" within myself. Something in me made me remember that there was a long-forgotten place that needed to be cleaned up before moving. Darkness prevented me from finding the elevator (access) to that place. My attempts to "turn on the light" were answered by a repetitive phrase that was blocking the connection within the switch. Through the intervention of the Helper I was permitted to see that the phrase came from a tiny tape-recorder installed in that light switch. At this point, I asked the Sage (with the help of the Retrospective-Three-Coin-Method), whether the light switch represented a synapse in my brain. The answer was an emphatic Yes, yes, yes. I also found that the phrase was a spell put on me by religion during the time I went to Sunday School. Obviously, it concerned the question of "where does my nourishment come from?" By accepting the Church’s answer, my access to my inner truth as the direct source of Cosmic nourishment, became blocked. The dream was also showing me how inner Helpers remove spells when we are ready to move out of old patterns of thinking. (The role of such Helpers in our lives is described in I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way.)

 by Hanna Moog