My Audi

The other evening my car refused to start, when I wanted to go home from my violin lesson in town. I have had this car for three years now, and this has happened several times before. Some people have told me, that “Audis can be unpredictable" in this regard. The engine started, but died soon after, every time I tried. I knew it was not the battery, because earlier my mechanic had explained the problem as coming from the signal of the car key. After learning about the Cosmic way, I have noticed that in some way the car sometimes responds to the way the ego in me is acting out. 

I had the rescue company take my car to my mechanic who told me several stories about cars that would act in strange ways. To my surprise he found nothing wrong with my car and when he started it the next morning, it started right away. 

However, I wanted to get to the inner truth of the incident, and consulted the I Ching. Here is an account of my session: 

Help me understand the inner truth of what has been put on my car, in regard to what happened the other night.

I received Hexagram 35, Progressing. Line 6 as changing line. 
First, I was guided to look at paragraph 6 of the main text. The text speaks about the conditioning process people are put through in their early formative years resulting in the loss of their individuality, and adopting the identity of a group-we instead. I assumed that what was said here about people needed to be transferred to cars. 

Questions: Is this about the car? ++ (yes, yes) My Audi?++ Do I need to look for slanders that have been put on it as an Audi?++ 
“You can never trust an Audi.”++ “It is an arrogant car.”+++ “It is the best sports car.”++ 
Do I need to look for more that is being put on Audi as a type of car by previous dealers?+++ “They are always problematical.”++ “A money drainer.”+++ “Too expensive to repair.”++ Something about its personality?++ “Unpredictable.”++ 
Does a car always have an individual Helper?++ Several?+++. Do you want me to identify the names of any of these Helpers?- - Are there also general Helpers for cars?++ 
I was then guided to the last sentence of the main text, which reads: “Remaining sensitive and free of ego prevents the pushing and pressing that prevents progress.” 
Questions: Is this about remaining sensitive and free of ego when owning and driving an Audi?++ Any car?++ Do you want to draw my attention to how to care for your car?++ And free it from influences+++ from the dealer++, previous owners++, others?- - By asking for help+++ from the Cosmos++ and the Helper of your particular car+++ to protect it+++ and heal it++ as to every individual particle++ and every fluid+++ and coordination of all mechanical parts?++ Is there a Helper of Overall Coordinations?+++ Are we to also ask this Helper to help our car?++ 

Line 6. The first paragraph reads: “This line has been taken as a justification for the feudal lord or other authority to punish the people. It reveals the pretense of the collective ego that it has the right to control people through the use of threats and punishments, and to repress the anger in people when they rebel against being treated unjustly.” 
Questions: Is this about the collective ego++ and what it has put on the owners of cars?+++ “When you have your car checked at the annual inspection, make sure it functions.”++ “When all the mechanics work, there is nothing wrong with your car.”++ “You need mechanical skills to make your car function.”++ “The only important+++ problem+++ to be focused on+++ is being a smart driver.”+++ 

Next, I was directed to read paragraph 6: 
“Is it also an important part of healing that the conscious mind treat the injured parts (cells, organs, etc.) as “brothers” and sisters” or as children that are wounded or in shock. It is harmful when the conscious mind looks down on the body and the cells as inferior parts that operate only mechanically, and as subservient to it. In reality, it is the healthy functioning and cooperation of the various consciousnesses that enables the conscious mind to function successfully within the body. (For the different kinds of consciousness see p. 18.)” 
Questions: Is it about the way I look at the car?+++ As having no consciousness?++ Does this also prevent the communication?++ Do I need to send it loving thoughts?++ And ask for healing on its behalf?+++ Is there more you want to show me to understand this incident with my car?- - -.

Apart from deprogramming the projections, spells, and poison arrows mentioned above, I asked for help from the Cosmos, the Helper of my Audi, and the Helper of Overall Coordinations to protect and heal it as to every individual particle and every fluid and the coordination of all mechanical parts. After having had this session I feel even more appreciative of and blessed to have the help of my car and the Helpers to take me where I am going. 

By Susana Nielson

[We wish to thank Susana Nielsen for sharing her questioning process, which is a good example of using the Retrospective-Three-Coin-Method (rtcm) to clarify the messages intended by the oracle. As can be seen, Susana is well experienced in putting forth questions that go to the heart of the issue. The rtcm and the instructions for deprogramming harmful thoughts are explained in our book I Ching. The Oracle of the Cosmic Way. Hanna Moog.]