New Pathways Being Opened in The Brain

I was using the I Ching, slowly going through Hexagram 5, “Waiting.” During this long session I had uncovered over 10 different spells (and poison arrows, etc.) to be deprogrammed. Suddenly I could clearly see, related to the last projection I had just deprogrammed, that I had a fixed idea in my mind about someone - and that idea was largely influencing my relationship with that person. This was an "aha" insight, not something I had analyzed. So, after that I was just sitting there, realizing the rather huge impact of that insight and getting a better idea of how projections actually operate. Then I felt something happening inside my forehead. I felt something moving around in there. After a few minutes I asked the Sage, and found out that I was sensing the area where that projection had resided. I sat for another five minutes or so and then had the feeling that something hard in that area was dissolving, dissipating (the Sage later confirmed this). Then, I had the unique sensation of a slow movement traveling from the front of my head back through my head. This feeling was not on the surface of my head, but actually inside the skull, in the brain. Something was moving from the front toward the back of my brain. I remembered learning from physiology class that it is "not possible" to feel one’s own brain (so, for example, during brain surgery they don't need to worry about pain in the brain). Nonetheless, I was feeling my brain. I asked the Sage to help clarify, and found out that what I was feeling was new pathways being opened in my brain. 

It seems that I was feeling the actual transformation of the brain that comes from removing a mistaken idea that is blocking the brain. In other words, mistaken ideas really do block synapses; they do limit the function of the brain. I know you both know this already, but I wanted to tell you that I had a very real experience of what you have written about in your book. The implications of this, to me, are big.

By CW, a physical therapist.