The Cosmos Does Not Supoort the Ego

The following is an email sent to us by JP from Port Townsend, WA. JP wrote: 

I went to your workshop a few years back in Seattle, and have talked on the phone with you (Carol) a couple times. 
This morning the phrase came to me very simply: "The Cosmos does not support the ego." I thought 'wow, how clear a phrase!' 
I continue to work with the oracle and the new book. [I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way] I have found the concept of the Helpers extremely useful, especially the idea that any sort can be manifested for any situation. I have summoned the helpers of music performance (I'm a musician), mechanical things, traffic control and flow, timing and scheduling (on many occasions!), and a very useful one to me, is to ask for helpers of communication before I'm going to have a difficult conversation with someone. In that case, I'll also ask the other person's helpers to assist. I swear, it really makes a difference. 
It is so important also, as you pointed out, to ask, and then dispel my own angst about things; so the helpers can work. I find that my world view was already changing toward a more intuitive asking for guidance way of life, and you all's teachings have assisted me a huge amount. I still am a little shaky with the rtcm, but I have benefited a LOT from the basic concepts. 
Also very useful to me is the idea of things working on the inner level, often very different to how things appear on the outer. Just recently, I tried to intervene between 2 of my friends that had a blow up of sorts, with one friend basically demanding the other one's energy. I realized how foreign now that seemed to me, and totally crazy. I tried to write a letter to her explaining about trusting the flow of events, asking for help and not being attached to what form it comes in, etc. and I realized how much I now operate by the principles of following guidance, asking the helpers, not pushing people, expecting help to arrive in completely unexpected ways, etc. I realized how much I really live every day this way now, in a practical way, and how much better it works!!!! I haven't decided whether to send the letter, but it was a realization to me to write it. I now think I need to ask for help for her on the inner level first. 
I think that the idea of the helpers and the inner yes and no are some of the most useful spiritual teachings I have ever encountered, and I mean that. I'm starting to tell others about them, and pass yet more copies of 'Love , an inner connection' around. Especially in America now, where the prevailing idea is to force everything, it's wonderful to know that that is Not the way. I'll try to keep in touch, I enjoy reading the archives of people's experiences, and feel free to use any of this if it is appropriate.