Seeing Compressed Cosmic Consciousness

You won't believe what happened this afternoon. To make a long story short, my 15 year old son W came here last night for a weekend stay. He was all "a-twitter" because he was supposed to do a science experiment yesterday for a big project he has been working on but could not assemble all the elements in a timely fashion, so he was delayed in performing it. The key ingredient was pharmaceutical grade "ethanol". The pharmacy was not able to get it until today, so W was very worried about turning in his paper "late". We talked about it and decided that if the ethanol came to the pharmacy today, I would go get it and then we would do the experiment after that. 

He found the experiment on the internet by doing a search using the keywords "DNA Extraction". Basically, we put an onion in the blender along with some other stuff and looked at it with a high-powered magnifying glass. I was astounded by what I saw. I pointed out my observations to W, who then wrote this: 


"When I studied the onion DNA it looked like a cloud of little dots on the top layer of liquid. They moved about and about; every ten seconds there would be a swell of energy and little whirlpools would appear. I then took a closer look with a magnifying glass and found the little clouds actually looked like snow-flakes, it was beautiful. They had a life of their own, moving slowly. It seemed like they were millions of fiber optic cables, at the end of each strand was a circle or bead of light either reflecting or omitting light." 

THIS WAS VISIBLE! Now, I have seen compressed cosmic consciousness! I was almost in a state of shock. It fits in so beautifully with what we have been learning in the online course on "Healing Physical Ailments with the Help of the I Ching." Now I have a visual image about all the energy circulating in my body. I wondered how many "researchers" have noticed these phenomena

by C. in Portland Oregon