The New Shortcut Method

In addition to the rtcm method described in "I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way", we now have learned a shortcut method for getting quickly to the message intended by the Sage, in a given hexagram.

As some hexagrams are quite long, and contain many possibilities of interpretation, it can be confusing to find the specific message indicated for you, which may exist only in one paragraph, or even a specific line of the text. Although we recommend reading the entire commentary parts of the hexagram received, this variation of the rtcm is very helpful when you have little time, and when you have become somewhat familiar with the general theme of that hexagram.  

If you have received a hexagram without changing lines:

Start by identifying the page(s) containing the message. If you get a Yes Yes or Yes, Yes, Yes to the first page, ask whether The Judgment text is relevant, and then identify any specific paragraph(s) that are relevant on that page. Continue to ask about each page of the main text.

If you have received a hexagram with changing lines:

  Start by asking whether any parts of the main text of that hexagram (as, for example, The 

Judgment text, and/or any paragraphs) are also to be read before proceeding to the changing line(s) received. Then, first ask whether the line saying (the italicized text) is pertinent, before asking about the specific paragraph(s) relevant in the changing lines. After having written down the page numbers and paragraphs, ask the Sage about the best order in which to read the passages that were pointed out to you. Sometimes it is recommended to start reading the changing lines from the bottom up, at other times to start from the top down.

by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog