The Helper of Death

A week or two ago, a line in the Oracle book was pointed out to me indicating that there was someone I had not yet met, who was dying and needed help with the process. 
I tried to forget about it but it stayed with me until I finally looked up the definition of death in the back of the book. I hoped it would be one of the elderly friends of friends I know who are very ill and in pain a lot. 
No, it was the child of a friend I used to work with that had an accident. Incredulous, I asked if I was supposed to ask the Helpers of Death on behalf of this child and got +++ for the first time in weeks. 
Relying on the fact that the Cosmos knows better than I, I began to feel what I had already known as I read on about the transformation of consciousness after physical life in a body ends. I had read it before but it gave me no comfort. This time I understood it much better. I also understood that my feeling unqualified to do what I am plainly being asked to do, is not helpful. This is all very important to me now because I see that in feeling helpless (to ask for help), I had put myself in a prison. I can see how efficiently the Cosmos uses these little adjustments in me to harmonize the whole situation. 

by Hanna Moog