Uncovering an Old Wound

I recently had a dream which showed me how deeply programmed I am by the past, and how Helpers can locate and heal old wounds. 

I am in a room with 2 men. One man asks how my feet are doing. I look down to see old scars all over my feet. The other man lifts up my right foot and turns it over, showing a bandage on the sole of the right foot. I get a little nervous. Suddenly, he tears off the bandage, and I can see that the wound revealed is festering, and covered over by three big blisters. He quickly pulls out a razor blade and slices open all 3 blisters. I am shocked, I start hyperventilating - the other man looks kindly at me straight in the eyes, as he grabs my arm and helps me down to the floor. I roll over and begin sobbing deeply. Then I woke up, feeling renewed. 
By consulting the Sage with the 3 coins, after this dream, I learned that these unhealed wounds were from my mother's ancestors. These wounds were the memories of people who had seen and lived through the devastation of many wars - their anger and fear. This wound came from my mother to me. The Sage confirmed that this wound was the cause of an underlying feeling of emotional obliteration, which I have carried through my whole life, but I never had an explanation for. 
I also learned from the Sage that the man who cut the wound open was some aspect of myself, and the other man (who kindly helped me down) was a Helper. 
The Oracle of the Cosmic Way is unique, revolutionary, and wonderful. There is no way in words that I can adequately relay the importance of this information (contained in the book) to me. I begin now to apprehend the movement of living and being as a relationship between the visible and invisible worlds - ultimately one whole world.

by CW