Cinco is Going Away

Here's a poignant experience about being Equal with other beings who have feeling consciousness: I enjoyed the good company of a huge grey and white cat named Cinco. We had known each other since his birth, but it was the I CHING:ORACLE that moved me into caring for him as an Equal. As a token of this equality, I had my message machine tell people to leave me messages in English and to leave Cinco messages in Cat, which many people did. (Not that we really know Cat.) 
A couple Monday nights ago as I was giving him his goodnight rubdown, I "heard" with my Inner hearing a very clear message: "This is the last time you will see each other, so you need to say what you need to say." So Cinco and I told each other how much we had enjoyed one another's company and how much we respected each other. 
There was no grief or fear involved in this message, but instead, a delicious sense of reality and timing. I'm sure it was the Sage Presence with us. 
Then Cinco went away. I haven't seen him since, and I cannot say for sure what happened to him. Even though I have cried about his absence in my house, I have been grateful for his presence in my life, because I know that, thanks to the Sage and the Helpers, my Cat Cinco and I were very True with each other while we were both in Form and in Time. 
This experience gives me clear instruction on how to be with all-my-equals, and I am amazed at this opportunity to learn. 

by Kathairein Magdalena