Unemployed Helpers

Do you at times see figures in your dreams that you would prefer not to meet? The following dream (in the year 2000) opened my eyes to a new way of viewing some of them: 

I found myself in a courtyard that was completely surrounded by tall apartment houses, the kind that were built on the outskirts of Frankfurt and Cologne in the 1960s to offer low rent housing for socially disadvantaged people. No ray of sunshine fell into the courtyard where I stood, which gave me the feeling of being closed-in on all sides. Then I noticed some teenagers and people in their early twenties standing idly in some of the back doorways. I clearly felt this was not a good place to be—"you never know what they’re up to…."

I woke up with a sigh of relief. However, the dream left such an imprint that I wanted to understand it better. By that time, Carol and I regularly used the Retrospective-Three-Coin-Method (described in I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way) to clarify dreams with the help of the Sage. With its help I found that these suspicious looking people were actually "unemployed Helpers" that I had never thought to ask for help. They are there all the time, only waiting to be asked. That they appeared as loiterers was due to my perception that I could not look to them for help. 
In fact, one of them was the Sage, whose multifold abilities I had limited by viewing it as only answering my questions. I had overlooked the fact that the Sage could also help me come up with the right questions. For this, I merely have to ask it for its help.

By Hanna Moog