From the shortest version of the I Ching to the “big” Oracle of the Cosmic Way

Shortly after your book, “I Ging – Das Kosmische Orakel” (I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way) became available on the German market in 2004, I weighed it in my hands and deemed it too big, and containing too much text for me, being a stressed medical doctor. Instead, I chose the shortest version I could find. From there I gradually moved on to more voluminous interpretations. Finally, I felt the urge to seek more in-depth help and remembered the “big book” with what I had concluded were its “lengthy explanations,” although I had not read it. 
That is how it started. I know now that it was good it went in this way, because now I am able to treasure the “revolutionary” qualities of its text, and of the dialogue method it contains. In the psychotherapeutic part of my practice, I have now started to introduce it into the work with clients. 
My first attempt brought me the following experience: At the end of the session I wanted to demonstrate to my client how to use the book so that she could use it by herself. As I threw the coins I concentrated as usual on the person and her question, but without thinking or wanting anything. Then I read the commentary to her—she was amazed and touched because it was a deepened summary of the content of our session.

By Dr. Peter Reichelt, Berlin, Germany