The Amazing Effects of Saying the Inner No

I want to share the most remarkable experience I had when visiting my mother recently. She is in an assisted living facilty now, and she suffers from on-and-off confusion and signs of dementia. From the time my visit began on May 3rd, she was critical and suspicious, and responded to my positive comments by bringing up old hurts and disappointments, in her mind caused by my or my brother's neglect of her. After a particularly trying visit on May 7th, I consulted the I Ching and received hexagram 28. Preponderance of the Great, lines 1 and 4. I learned the whole of me was at the breaking point due to my not saying the inner No to the ego in my mother, which I then did. I also learned that the ego in me wanted to 'win the fight' with her. I said No No No to the ego in me, and asked the Sage in both of us to be present. I deprogrammed mistaken beliefs and then got hexagram 37. The Family and was led to understand more about my family environment. 

The long and short of it is, when I went to vist my mother the next day, she was in the best, clearest state of mind I'd seen her in many months. She was warmer than I remember her ever being. She apologized to me for "being a pest." She hugged me when I left.

It's now two weeks, and she continues to be accessible, and clearer and more accepting of her circumstances. She treats me better, thanks me for helping her, views me as wanting to help her rather than suspiciously and critically. 

I can't say what will be tomorrow, given her condition, but the miracle has taken place. The everyday miracle of Cosmic Harmony.

[Although we have had many amazing experiences by now, it always amazes us anew when we receive an account like the above. There is just one little correction we would like to suggest: The Sage has made us aware that looking at what happened as a 'miracle' puts a spell on the experience. The Sage has taught us that this word belongs in the ego's vocabulary for things it cannot explain with its logic. In reality, the transformations Carol has observed are part of the natural way in which the Cosmos does things.]